The Uncanny Link Podcast

Who is The Uncanny Link podcast for?

Are you an online entrepreneur who slightly fumbles in making a decision ?

Take a listen and decide if this is the podcast for you!

If you've ever wondered how intuition can give you a clue before you make a significant decision, you've come to the right place....

Every weekday mornings, join Vaishali Nikhade, a long time student of physics and metaphysics, as she interviews guests who are torn in making choices on their own entrepreneurial journey.

If you have an online business and wondering how to connect with your intuition before making up your mind, or how metaphysics gives you subtle clues before you make a crucial decision, or how a seemingly innocent decision can change the course of your life for better or worse, then this is the podcast for you.

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If you'd like to be a guest, there are three simple steps:

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3. Block out 30-40 minutes on your calendar for the podcast interview

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Sponsorship opportunities for guests are available to leverage their authority in their podcast episode:

Three tiers of sponsorship are available:

1. Silver 499

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  • 30 min one-one business consultation with me

2. Gold 999

  • 3 fb posts with graphics on fb, twitter, linked-in
  • 60 min one-one business intuitive consultation with me

3. Platinum 1499

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  • 60 min one-one business intuitive consultation with me
  • Facebook live to promote your podcast episode & promote on youtube

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