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Otylia Wrzos
Otylia is a polish tarot reader & numerologist!
Book a psychic reading with Vaishali Nikhade
Book a psychic reading with Vaishali Nikhade. Readings can be by phone, chat or email.
Business Intuitive Consultant: Get a business psychic reading
Business intuitive consultant will look at the energy of a business and forecast how things will evolve
Psychic reading reviews with Vaishali Nikhade
Psychic reading reviews with Vaishali Nikhade. Read some of the client testimonials here
Radio Shows with Vaishali Nikhade
Join Vaishali's radio shows live or listen to recordings in archives
Free Psychic Reading: Get a free phone or chat reading
Get a free psychic reading by phone or chat for 3 minutes for a free question
Disclaimer for Psychic readings
Read the disclaimer for psychic readings before purchasing a reading
Contact Vaishali for a Psychic reading
Contact Vaishali Nikhade for a psychic reading by phone, email, chat or skype
About Psychic Vaishali: all the juicy details on how I became a psychic
Psychic Vaishali reveals her journey on how she became a psychic

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