Business Psychic Reading

A business psychic reading is reading the energy of a business. This can  also be done for a particular project in the business or a particular department or division. The reader is called a business intuitive consultant or a corporate psychic consultant.

A business intuitive is a "seer" who can see via different "clair" faculties. To mention a few them here, clairvoyance means "clear sight," the ability to see with the third eye or the sixth chakra. A clairaudient person will be able to hear messages beyond our normal sense of hearing.

Corporate Psychic Consultation

What topics can be covered in a corporate psychic consultation?

A business psychic reading can cover a variety of aspects. A topic is usually required as a focus for the reading. However, you can also zoom in directly to asking specific questions if you like. Here is a sample of things that can be discussed just to get an idea. Your questions are not limited by this list.

  • What are the issues in the project
  • Where the problems will come from
  • Which are the good and bad aspects
  • What can you expect to happen in the near future
  • How to overcome certain issues
  • What can you expect to happen in the next week
  • What decisions are you facing?
  • How to pick the better of 2-3 choices
  • What will be the outcome of making a certain choice?

Business psychic reading: Why ?

Are you wondering why you would like to choose me as your business intuitive consultant?

  • Worked as a circuit design Engineer, team leader & managed projects
  • Very familiar with the technology industry
  • Very familiar with issues in projects and management
  • Will blend my intuitive, engineering and business skills

Check out testimonials from some clients in the Reviews section.

Talking to an intuitive psychic consultant

Who is the best person in the corporation to get a reading?

Generally, the person in charge who has access to the direct results and is a decision maker is the best person to get the  reading. This can include the CEO, Vice-president's, Partner's, owner's and any other folks who are the decision makers.

Business psychic services offered:

Here are some of the services offered:

  • One hour consultation
  • Monthly consultation (3 months minimum)

All consultations are done over the phone. In-person consultations are available upon request.

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