2019 Love Forecast

The 2019 Love Prognosticator

to get love & romance back in your life

without pulling your hair out

using the 'see through love' framework

even if your friends turn a  deaf ear to you,  
your hopes are crushed like a broken mug &
you've only a few hours a week to spare...

Are you single and ready to mingle ?

Get star studded guidance to map out a clear plan,
in sync with divine timing
to increase your likelihood to
find love this year...

Intriguing ?

After going through the Love Prognosticator,
you'll go from clueless to 'aha' 
and from 'WTF do I do' to 'I got this'

No more late night internet surfing,
no more asking friends to set you up
once you have this amazing forecast.

Ready to hop on?

I'm Vaishali and if you have never read with me before, you'll be pleasantly surprised by my no bs, no non-sense approach to readings. I've been doing over a thousand readings per year with amazing emails and testimonials from clients about the predictions playing out .

When I first started reading, some people wanted a sample reading. There was no easy way to start producing samples everyday for all the different people that kept coming in. There in came the idea and origins of a group weekly forecast. Anyone could sign up for it with no cost attached, look at the forecast and see how the readings played out.

The results - so amazing that I even I was floored. I started getting emails from people saying how accurate the readings were and how they played out. One week is a short period of time to see a reading play out and lot of people were thrilled. I got some amazing love notes from clients.

The same concepts are incorporated in the 'see-through love' framework for you to get clarity and guidance for love.

Take a second and imagine:

  • imagine knowing what sort of places you can avoid so that you quit spending your time and energy aimlessly looking for nothing and ending up feeling defeated 
  • imagine getting all your precious time back from not having to spend countless hours daily pondering on what you should do next
  • imagine being able to take advantage of divine timing - the forecast will guide you for favorable months 
  • imagine the fun, thrill and excitement of having date nights, getting flowers and gifts for no reason
  • imagine having some spare change for your self-care by dumping all those subscriptions to match.com, coffeemeetsbagels, eharmony and countless other dating sites

What this is not:

  • Some of the love horoscopes in the market are based on sun signs. However, just knowing the sun sign will not give you a complete picture of what is going on. If you want something that even has glimpses of real predictions, you'll need to look at your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign.

  • This is not a computer generated prediction just by plugging in your birth data and spitting it on a printout and sending it to you. 

What this is:

  • This is a real reading done based on where you are at the moment. 

  • The 'see through love' framework has been tested over hundreds of weeks and hundreds of readings to accurately reflect the predictions coming to pass no matter what time zone, country, language or individual circumstances you may have.

2019 Love Forecast for Singles

The total value of this package is over $600 - I'm selling it to you for a fraction of the cost.

Even if you were to get a personal reading with me for all that is covered in this absolutely amazing package, you will end up spending over $250.

This does not even include the bonus offers that come with this!

You get this for an absolutely amazing price of just $47

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Your burning questions & my flaming answers:

  • Will these readings work for me?

        A: Yes, I have attached some testimonials from similar readings that I do and the readings work great. These readings have been tested across a large variety of audience with different cultures, timezone and languages and produce amazing results. Just look at them per your present context and you will be fine.

  • I have tried a lot of things and they don't work - how do I know if your readings will work -

       A:  If you are very skeptical, counting your last penny, then these readings are not for you. With that mindset, it is unlikely that they will work - in fact, you may even end up turning things away that come your way - with or without the readings - it is best that you pass on this offer

  • Are you 100% accurate all the time?

       A: No psychic is 100% accurate all the time - anyone claiming that is claiming to be God. Sometimes the accuracy is more in terms of interpretation and context - the reading maybe correct, but your understanding of it may be incorrect.

  • Does this guarantee that I'll meet someone this year?
    This reading will help you increase your chances of meeting someone. Kind of like choosing the freeway that is accident free to get to the airport in the shortest period of time. So, think of it as a forecast that lets you see thr' the love weather to help you plan.
  • Will it help me make improvements in terms of getting offers or dates?
    A: Yes, that is the whole purpose or idea of this. You can align things with the perfect alignment of the stars. 

Do you want this year to be different:

If you are looking to see some changes this year, be the change. Think different, act different. Get the Love GPS to be guided for love... 

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