Decision making challenge

Decision making challenge quiz: Find out what kind of a decision maker you are!

Decision making challenge is a great way to find out how good you are at making the right decision.

It means a lot to you and your business. One small decision can make or break the business. Are you making the right decision? Or do you find yourself wasting time on projects and completing them to find out that they were not the right projects to work on in the first place? Can you know this ahead of time and be able to make the right decision in the first place?

Once you know where you stand, you can take corrective action to be able to help yourself make the right decision.

Take the quiz to see where you are!

Count the number of A, B, C and D responses to each of the questions below at the end of the quiz.
For instance, you have 10 questions and you get five A's. Your characteristics will match the characteristic of "A" type decision maker revealed when you hit Submit on the challenge.

Decision making challenge

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A. I never make decisions that are outside my comfort zone
B. I never have any intuitive abilities or gut feelings involved
C. I felt that I would get lucky with my decisions without using gut feelings
D. I get a gut feeling on which decision is right & see signs from the Universe to decide
A. winning an argument for yourself, you may or may not be right
B. make a decision where you can win easily but return may not be high
C. deferring the decision until you test out small pieces of each option
D. make the right decision even if the road to success is difficult
A. I re-evaluated everything when that happened
B. I had to do what I had to do
C. I went and got help because I knew something was off
D. I would rather walk than making such a decision
A. I have been there before for sure
B. I had known it long before I reached the top that it may be the wrong mountain
C. I used the lessons I learned from there to apply for the future
D. I course-corrected before I reached the top
A. I already think I can do it without the crystal ball
B. I am not sure if a crystal ball would help
C. I would like the ability to look into the crystal ball
D. I use signs from the Universe to make a decision
A. Yes, it seems that I am left with explaining for what didn't work in the past
B. Yes, even though I am good at making decisions, I am never trusted
C. I am very bad at making decisions when others influence it
D. I don't like to clean up other people's mess when I am making a decision
A. I keep delaying such decisions
B. I get completely overwhelmed when too many factors need to be addressed
C. I get lost in analysis-paralysis
D. I can almost see thr' the complexity and the pick the winner
A. Yes, sometimes I delay things due to fear
B. I feel that all fingers will point to me for a bad decision
C. I delay things to analyze things in the middle of a project
D. Sometimes other factors beyond my control will delay things
A. Yes, I was taking the crap from previous bad decision makers
B. It's always the case, but I know what I am doing
C. Winning the argument is a pain in the neck because I feel that others lack my foresight
D. I am so good that my word is the winner no matter what I say
A. Go with geneal consensus
B. Take data from past projects
C. Try to argue your point
D. Decide from your gut

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